Know Your Zelda Animals, Monsters, Beasts, Bird People And Weird Chicken Things

Artist Jude Buffum has come up with this impressive (and informative!) piece called Magna Arbor Vitae Deku. It's essentially a biology chart of the Zelda universe.

The name means "The Great Deku Tree of Life", and starting at said Great Deku Tree it branches out to include 200 species of creature, good, bad and in between, from the entirety of the Zelda franchise. Buffum has even listed everything in its scientific, binomial Latin.

Zelda fans, lap it up. And if you want to see it in person, it'll be showing (and available to buy) at the iam8bit show, which kicks off in!

The Evolutionary Biology of Hyrule [Jude]


    Not as complete, but really nice, I like how manage to put all the creatures in the same art style.

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