There’s A Legend Of Zelda Set Among The Latest Batch Of Lego Leaks

There’s A Legend Of Zelda Set Among The Latest Batch Of Lego Leaks

After years of rumours and speculation, the latest batch of leaked Lego sets appears to include the first official Legend of Zelda kit.

The kit, which was among a list of potential future kits by German Lego leaks site Promo Bricks. There are a great many licensed sets in the mix, most of which are from Disney-owned brands like Star Wars and The Lion King. But there, amongst the Harry Potter kits, the X-Mansion and Gotham City: The Legend of Zelda 2-in-1 Deku Tree.

If the leak is to be believed, this is a huge reversal on Lego’s part. Lego has rejected eight different Zelda sets since 2014, and has even gone so far as to enforce a “No Zelda pitches” rule on the Lego Ideas platform, citing a “license conflict”. Part of me wonders if there were just too many Zelda Ideas pitches coming in. Zelda fans are not known for their chill.

A 2-in-1 kit is exactly what it sounds like — these are Lego kits that can be built in one of two different configurations. A post from leaker JeanGreyForever describes the set in some detail, stating its 2-in-1 functionality allows builders to create either the Ocarina of Time version of the Deku Tree or its Breath of the Wild variant.

The Breath of the Wild angle is interesting. That game’s sequel is out in May (knock wood), and wouldn’t that be a perfect moment to release a bit of collectible BotW branded merch?

Should the Deku Tree set pan out, it will sit alongside Lego’s expanding range of Nintendo themed sets. The most recent releases, like The Mighty Bowser, Lego NES, and Super Mario Question Mark Block have become instant fan favourites. Add a Zelda set into the mix and the builders are going to go hog wild.

The other sets within the leak include:

  • Snow White’s House (complete with Seven Dwarves minifigs)
  • Maleficent and the Dragonm from Sleeping Beauty
  • Simba, from The Lion King
  • Donald Duck
  • Barad-Dur – Lego The Lord of the Rings
  • Medieval Village – Lego Castle range
  • The Burrow – Lego Harry Potter
  • The Sorting Hat – Lego Harry Potter
  • Jabba’s Sail Barge – Lego Star Wars
  • Gotham City – Lego Batman
  • X-Mansion – Lego Marvel

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