Metal Slug Gets Real (Really Real!)

Reader Andrew McMurry sends us this short little video he made, in which he jumps head-first into a Metal Slug level and proceeds to shoot, slash and explode his way through legions of bad guys. All in the name of your entertainment.

While these "real man shoots like he's in a video game" clips are getting a little tiresome, the production values on this one—especially the shadows on all the Metal Slug characters—make it worth watching regardless.

It's not the first gaming video Andrew has made; you can check the rest of them out on his YouTube page.


    nice, would work well on a 3d device

    This isn't the Metal Slug game... everybody knows Metal Slug games are NOWHERE this easy.

      I was just about to say. There should be at least 100s of stray bullets flying through the air to accidently get hit by.

      Very cool vid though :). Nice tracking

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