Metro: Last Light Gameplay Digs Deep

In the third gameplay video from the E3 demo of Metro: Last Light, our protagonists find themselves speeding down what looks to be a pretty deep tunnel. Dark and fast-paced, the video mostly shows the player shooting bad guys on a train, in classic shooter form.


    I just started playing Metro 2033. That game got a real bum deal by a bunch of reviewers, especially IGN!!

    thats because after making the game, they didnt budget enough money to buy a good review from ign

    i loved metro 2033 was one of the few recentish games i wasn't able to put down

    Damn that looks good. I might just have to consider getting that.

    I just started a new game of Metro 2033 last night in anticipation of last light's arrival next year. What a great game.

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