Modern Warfare 3 Gets Dedicated Servers On PC (That’s A Great Thing For Competitive Play)

Modern Warfare 3 Gets Dedicated Servers On PC (That’s A Great Thing For Competitive Play)

You heard that right: Modern Warfare 3 will support dedicated servers on the PC, just like your daddy’s multiplayer shooters did. That’s the kind of stuff we like to see–and the kind of stuff you get when the king of pop shooters has a challenger to the throne.

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  • Maybe you guys can do and article on the steam rip off of the the year – one of many rip offs currently on steam:

    MW3 is $59USD on the US store but it’s 99USD (yes that’s right USD not AUD) on the Australian store …Massive hike of $40 USD …

    • That’s so Brick and Mortar retailers won’t whine and complain about online services having an unfair advantage over them, Oh wait they do that anyway. . .

      • Well All it’s going to do for steam owners is force them to import cheaper from overseas …

        I’ve noticed the local brick and mortars are mostly quite these days as people have started catching onto the “it’s cheaper to import from overseas” so this pricing hiking trick will do bugger all from them in the long run…

        • I suggest you keep inporting your games andy. Gerry Harvey and the big guys don’t want to listen to their consumers and instead want to keep the prices high to satisfy their million dollar lifestyles.

          We need to force them to change their prehistoric business models and accept that online retail is here to stay.

  • Just a couple of years ago it was safe to assume a big multiplayer FPS would support dedicated servers. How did we go so wrong? Something like this shouldn’t even be news 🙁

  • I never really had a problem with servers. My problems are when online games refuse to include a “local only” search function.

    Even if we do eventually get a fast connection that someone in Australia can play some American with no lag, no self-respecting Australian would submit themselves to such torture.

  • There going to have to do more than that to get me interested. Once Valve releases the new Counter Strike, these games are going to lose the majority of there already dwindling population.

    • yes, they have a terrible population, not like MW2 and Black Ops were the biggest selling media releases in the world, let alone both being in the top 5 online played games (pretty sure they are 1st and 2nd *possibly 3rd*) they are doing so terribly aren’t they

      • This article is about PC gaming and Call of Duty has sold very poorly since Modern Warfare 2 which only sold only around 700,000. I don’t think any Call of Duty made it into the top 100 PC games

  • This shouldn’t be new… why would they not have it in the first place. Still not buying till they saying mod tools will be out.

  • hai muso ;D sif you would buy it even if it does come with mod tools, its going to be a console port no matter what, bet it won’t even come with developer console..

  • He knows it’s not April 1st, right? No take-back quotes from higher ups later in the day or anything?

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