Murder Balls Will Haunt Your Twisted Metal Valentine's Day

Here's a look at Dollface's particular blend of crazy as featured in upcoming road mayhem racer Twisted Metal. Crazy, she's crazy for feeling so blue...


    Hmmm, I'm pretty sure the original Dollface story was that she got abused and had her mask NAILED to her face by her dad...

      She had the mask padlocked on, he reward for winning was the key for the padlock basically.

      Close. Very close.

      "Seven years before the story, Dollface was a recent college graduate, and worked for a mask maker named Mr. Creole as her first job. One day, she accidentally spilled coffee on some important paperwork. In a fit of rage, Mr. Creole locked Dollface inside a mask, nailing it onto her head and locking it with a special key so that she couldn't remove it. She soon went mad and was sent to Blackfield Asylum."

      Either way, I hope this game flops. Retconned characters for no reason, PS exclusive for a game that would thrive better with the online MP on 360 etc

        Thanks Chazz, couldn't be bothered to do a research but yeah retcon = no no :(

        Though TM had gone down the drain for me straight after the 3rd one. Even the 3rd one was kind of...way too aimless.

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