New Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Screens Confirm Menus Will Be Upscaled

The latest batch of screens showing off the nicely polished Metal Gear Solid HD Collection seem to have a puzzling fixation on the menus. I suppose it's fitting, as I spent a lot of time in Snake Eater flipping through menus to play dress up, apply makeup, and consume reptiles. And yeah, that probably won't change.

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    Oh, I do hope that the Peace Walker comic cut scenes are upscaled well, that'll be awesome. Also, I feel like playing MGS3 now.

    That's not "upscaled". The HUD and menu assets are being redrawn. Upscaling wouldn't result in anything nearly as attractive as this.

      Agree, the font and everything is far too clean to be upscaled from PS2/PSP games.

    Certainly looks like Metal Geaer

    Looks incredible! I just wish they would port Portable Ops as well.

      They'd have to re-work the control scheme IMO... that was not fun to deal with.


      Yep, this is the word they made up for the system of transferring save games between PS3/PSP/Vita

    mmmmmm anaconda, anyway great games gald there comming back in HD.

    I am going to replay every MGS game when this comes out.

    I pre-ordered my ultimate hd collection off zavvi before they sold out, so excited!

    oh sweet i just realised now that i can 'transfar' my saves for PW back to my psp. i was feeling like i shouldnt get cus i just got it for the psp but i would like to switch back and forth. plus MGS3HD > MGS3D anyday of the week. weren't they doing MGS2 aswell?

    I love this so muchly. *turns on PSP to play Peacewalker again*

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