Nintendo Has 'No Plans' To Release The Wii-Minus In America

The new Wii that won't play GameCube games -- which we're unilaterally renaming the Wii Minus -- may be a European exclusive, it seems. A company rep tells Kotaku that Nintendo "does not currently have any plans" to release it in America.


    Hang on - the article this links to says nothing about the lack of GameCube compatibility. What the hell?

    It must be the 'in' thing at the moment to release nerfed products in the European market. . .

    Whats the point of this product. Companies are getting obsurd.

      It's cheaper to make. Which means you can either sell it for the same amount and increase your profit, or you can sell it for less and sell more of them, also increasing the likelihood of making money from the games you create and sell for the system. It's really not that absurd..

        I know it's called sarcasm.

    Cool article.
    Good to see journalism taking leaps and bounds this time around.

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