Watch Nintendo Announce The Wii U's Release Date And Price Tonight

Nintendo's releasing a new console soon, in case you haven't heard. And Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is having lots of important meetings with cartoon characters in order to commemorate the occasion.

Tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern (midnight AEST), Nintendo is holding an event in New York City to announce some big news about the console — including, presumably, the system's release date and pricing. I'll be at the scene, but you can also watch a livestream thanks to Mario, Luigi and their younger brother Reggie.


    I trust the news will have been digested and formed into bite size portions for me by the time I get up in the morning :)

    I hope we get release date for this wii u Myself and rest of world are hanging on pre-ordered wii u unknown on when it will be out. I think hopefully it will be released by late October early November

    but hopefully for australia we get this message later on maybe tomorrow

    *International (Australian) release in 2012 or boycot
    *Pikmin 3 on release or am disappoint
    *Black model console on release or am disappoint
    *NintendoLand in bundle or am disappoint
    *All this and New Super Mario Bros. U for no more than $600-700 AUD, cheers.

      You will have my money if you can make this happen Nintendo.

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