The Year Of Luigi Will Continue Into 2014

The Year of Luigi Will Continue into 2014

Remember that in February, Nintendo declared the "Year of Luigi". Unless they were retroactively declaring January to be a Month of Luigi too, this proclamation should extend into 2014 — and Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America president, said today it does.

Siliconera got an interview with Fils-Aime today and didn't waste the shot at a clever question: "On February 14th of last year, you held a Nintendo Direct that announced the Year of Luigi. I wanted to know if I have to give it up on December 31st or if it's more of a 'fiscal year' of Luigi, and I can celebrate into February?"

Fils-Aime, to his credit, came ready to play ball. "There are some Year of Luigi activities that will continue into 2014 — including some of the special products that we've launched (the Luigi remote and the Mario and Luigi 3DS XL) — so there will be some Luigi products to carry the Luigi banner into the next calendar year."

So, there you have it. "Activities" continue into next year, that's for sure. The "special products" for the Year of Luigi sounds like ones already available.

Nintendo's Reggie Talks Wii U, Western Development And Operation Rainfall [Siliconera]


    I wish nintendo would update their club star rewards to some cool 3DS stuff.

      I wish Nintendo would update their club star rewards to some cool anything...

    “On February 14th of last year... Wouldn't that mean it's been running for more than a year now? Or did they bring this interview from the future, but phrase it for the present? Time travel. It always does my head in.

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