Silent Hill: HD Collection Will Scare The Xbox 360, Too

Originally, announced for the PS3, the Silent Hill: HD Collection is also coming to the Xbox 360. It features HD versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3 with new voice acting and Achievements and Trophies. Slated for early 2012.



    So much win!!!

    Xbox: Hey playstation, that's a nice everything you have there, it'd be a shaaaaaaame if you lost exclusive rights to it.

    No SH1? Does anyone know why...? Oh well, I won't complain (too much), I love 2 and 3...

      Because it's already on PSN...

    Playstation: Hey Xbox i see that you dont have much exclusives other than whats in your Kinect willing to share here you go have some Silent Hill dont tell me that i dont share

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