Did You Buy A Borked Silent Hill HD On Xbox 360? Here, Have Frogger On The PS2

Konami's considerate decision not to patch the broken Xbox 360 version of the Silent Hill HD Collection has led the publisher to offer a free game to those who complain. You just have to send an email to Konami to get the offer, according to Cheap Ass Gamer. Looking at the list of freebies, it sounds like a rebate straight out of 2002.

If you bought the Silent Hill HD Collection for Xbox 360, and you did so before Aug. 8, and you have a receipt to prove it, they will offer you your choice of a free game — and we mean an old-school physical media game, not some download.

Eligible titles include the Professor Layton ripoff Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights on the 3DS; the atrocious NeverDead for Xbox 360 or PS3 and Pro Evolution Soccer's two most recent North/Latin American releases.

Update: Not only that, one of the titles is — wait for it — Silent Hill HD on the PS3.

What makes this the lamest giveback of all time is the fact that there are also 22 titles for the original Xbox on the list, at least 13 of which are not backward compatible with the Xbox 360. Message: Did you buy a defective product from us? Here, have some trash.

Konami offering free games to Xbox 360 owners of Silent Hill HD Collection [Examiner]


    It was not meant to be on Xbox anyway. Sometimes exclusives need to stay exclusive.

      what are you on about? It was announced for 360 from the beginning.

        No, it wasn't - Silent Hill HD was initially announced as a PS3 exclusive, a 360 release was then announced at a later date.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Are we talking every individual member of staff at Konami or just a Konami company rep? Konami currently employs 5,758 people, so it may take a while to accomplish such a task.

    Actually I wouldn't mind Castlevania Lords of Shaow.

    The real problem is it's for Americans only.

    Well bawls. Guess I'll have to deal with it :/

    Lords of Shadow? MGS HD?
    Those are not bad options... I wonder if they'll ship PAL copies?

    Too bad I don't have a receipt, otherwise I'd swap it for MGS.

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