So, Just What Is "Hype"?

The word "hype", in this business at least, in most cases refers to the buzz surrounding an upcoming video game. For fighting game fans, though, it has a very different and not-so-specific meaning.

Which this classy little clip, put together at the weekend's EVO 2011 tournament in Las Vegas, does a very good job of explaining (and showing!).

It's by Alexander Yoon (man on the mic) and Richard Li (camera).


    So, Just What Is "Buzz"?

    This was the video that was corrupted during the stream I believe. Nice to have the full video thanks!

    99% of this guys need to get laid

      and what difference would it make if they got "laid?".. i'm pretty sure they would keep competing.. Getting laid doesn't turn your life around.. They arent going to suddenly turn into lumberjacks and run out into sun screaming "I am all that is man!"..

      It's funny, I've had sex roughly as many times in my life as I've entered fighting game tournaments.

      The difference? I didn't lose interest in tournaments.

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