So, Where The Hell Is Metal Gear: Rising?

At the 2009 E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, Konami revealed that it was developing a different spin on the Metal Gear universe. The game was Metal Gear: Rising, and it's M.I.A.

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima wasn't slated to helm the project, but Rising, which stars Raiden, still looked to be the next big MGS title.

Rising is said to have slashing and "take" elements, as well as the traditional stealth gameplay.

The following E3 saw another new trailer, and then, before you knew it, the game seemed to go "stealth". It didn't appear at this year's E3 gaming expo—though, Konami did reaffirm its 2012 release.

Meanwhile, rumours swirled that Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta had taken over Rising development duties. Platinum Games refuted the rumor, saying it was not making Rising.

Yet, here we are, months away from 2012 with a big gaming convention around the corner, and no sign of life from Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Konami launched its Tokyo Game Show site that lists what titles will be at the show. There will be three MGS games (Peace Walker HD, MGS HD, and Snake Eater 3D) and Rising doesn't seem to be one of them.

There's still a few weeks to go, and Konami can always make a surprise announcement, slap together a trailer and shove out a demo. Until then, where the hell is Metal Gear Solid: Rising? It seems like that's exactly where it sounds like it is—development hell.

Kotaku is following up with Konami and will update should the company comment.


    Don't say it is in development hell! The Metal Gear series is crucial to my life.

    I remember Kojima stating on his twitter that he was very disappointed recently that a project he had been working on had been drastically altered or cut. Perhaps that referred to rising? My gut feeling is that they've had to take the pruning shears to it and remake sections of the game completely. While it may still come out in 2012, I expect it to come out at the end of 2012, not the beginning.

      yer it's been cut. hayoooooo!

      But I'd also like to know whats happening with this. It feels like they made an interesting slice mechanic, and then it wasn't fun in a game. Or it doesn't suit the series. Or both.

      But Kojima wasn't really working on this. Mineshi Kimura is the lead on this one (although Kojima is listed as the executive producer), while Kojima's focus has been on Peace Walker, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Sdatcher; a radio-show sequel to Snatcher, and overseeing development of the Fox engine.

      I would imagine the delay on seeing anything new is that the engine Rising is being built upon (the Fox engine) is being developed concurrently.

    I'd be happy enough if they cancelled it. MGS4 was a good ending. They should let it lie rather than continuing to milk it.

      I kinda feel the same way, though there is a small part of me that thinks it'd be hilariously awesome if they started a spin off game/series starring Johnny Sasaki(Akiba) ;-P

      But in all seriousness, I think the 'Metal Gear' brand/franchise should continue, but with a completely new story, new set of characters, new creative lead, etc... I feel like Kojima should move on lest he run the risk of , heaven forbid, 'George Lucas'ing himself ...

      The very last game I would be happy with would be the original Metal Gear remade. It fills the gap from the prequels to MGS1.

        That's not a bad idea at all, actually. Maybe it could cover both Metal Gear and MG2: Solid Snake... it'd be a good way to connect the two eras and would give them the opportunity to give more exposition on Big Boss as the character that has evolved in the recent games as opposed to just being a 'evil end-boss' like he was in those first couple games.

        That and most people still barely know about those first two games to begin with.

    I was keen to slice stuff up in a brutal and extravagant fashion, so I was wondering where this disappeared to. Thanks for the update :]

    Did anyone else play Afro Samurai? This just looks like a very un-Kojima rendition of that.

    Never been particularly excited about it.

    I thought this wasn't a sequel but more of a side/parallel story featuring Raiden between MGS2 and MGS4. (probably him saving Sunny etc)

    Didn't this happen with Metal Gear games before? A lot of promotional material is released and then it all goes quiet up until the eleventh hour and then a surge of videos and information hits us. It's a tactic that's been used before and will likely be used again.

    Besides, Konami is making the right choice focusing their efforts on promoting the sooner-to-be-released HD "Remixes" as opposed to trying to keep us interested with little snippets of Rising previews every few months.

    Man, I really hope it isn't canned, only reason I bought the Move!

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