Stealth Will Return To Next Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Rising is a hack-and-slash game. It's not a stealth game — no biggie MGS creator Hideo Kojima pointed out. It's a spin-off game, and stealth will return to the next MGS sequel so wait for that. [@Kojima_Hideo]


    Wow. TWO sentences? Not a lot, but still two times the amount expected of KotakUS.


        I'm glad everyone else here things KotakuAU is putting in a sterling effort compared with their US counterparts :D

    So what, for me it's going to destroy a really well crafted character. Raiden was awesome.

    Why are people so fixated on reading long articles? I don't really care about journalism ethics, I come here because they usually break the biggest news here first. The only thing you can really complain about is if the short article being written is devoid of any missed information. I don't need recaps, I don't editorials, just straight up reporting. And it's been done here.

    Seriously, please channel your stress and anger somewhere else, it's getting old hearing how bad KotakuUS whether true or not. At least attach relevant elements regarding the story, so I don't have to read the same antiquated complaint a hundred times.

    The irony is that you all still stick around despite the fact that you hate how they do things.

    In regards to the article, I really don't want to wait another 4 years for a 'proper' Metal Gear game.

      I stick around because I have too much free time.

      Mate. If these guys didn't complain every time this happens how would we know they don't like it? ;)

    I think I'm going to have to pretend my brain doesn't work in order to get into Rising... hopefully I'm proven wrong. Going off of what was in the trailer coupled with the knowledge that it's now set *after* MGS4 somehow, I just can't see this making much sense at all.

    I'm still hoping for another Big Boss/The Boss game tho...

    and as a fellow Metal Gear fanboy I'm interested to read what Mark thinks about this new trailer/concept...

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