Technically, This Is A New Skyrim Screenshot

After getting an hour with Skyrim at QuakeCon last weekend, I was promised by I'd get a screenshot of the character I'd created from Bethesda when I returned home, like a souvenir.

Without further adieu, here is "Prisoner", an orc character with more or less random settings. He's rather fetching, with his sexy triceps and unfortunate lack of a good dental plan. Imagine how useful those tusks would be for getting marrow out of roasted bones.



      Don't you dare, don't be an imitator. It's the curse of sheep.

    Ado. ADO!!!

    Not adieu.

    Contrast: "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu" and "Much Ado About Nothing"

    lrn2english, American Kotaku writer.

      "Without further goodbye"

    I think orks look better bald...that's what I think.

      Agreed, they should be huge hairless Gorillas with an unimaginably large under-bite.

    I like the look, the oblivion orcs looked retarded.

    Orc seems more human like in this screen, which I like. It would be cool if Bethesda released a stand-alone character generator for promotional and hype purposes.

    So is this ES game actually being built for the PC audience or is it going to be another console orientated game?

      it will be at least as console orientated as oblivion was.

    That orc looks like he might be related to the Baldwins

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