The 3DS Launches At A Lower Price. Some Japanese People Buy It

Today in Japan, the 3DS went on sale with a new, lower price. Some people lined up at stores in Tokyo, but not that many. But that's OK.

When the 3DS first went on sale, hundreds of people lined up for pre-orders, and then hundreds more lined up to purchase the portable.

Months later and now at a lower price point, Bloomberg reported that around 28 people were lined up at a Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo to get the 3DS, while Famitsu reported that around 50 people were waiting at the Bic Camera in Ikebukuro.

Those aren't huge lines, but they're pretty good for a weekday and for a system that isn't new.

(A good rule of thumb: If fifty people line up in Tokyo for something, the lines are typically shorter in other cities across the country. This is due in large part to sheer population numbers.)

Another thing to keep in mind is, of course, online pre-orders. So it's really hard to gauge how hardware does simply by looking at lines — but sometimes we like to try!

Reports on Famitsu stated that the 3DS sold well throughout the day, and there were reports of good sales at other retailers as well. This is in line with reports from yesterday that there was significant pre-order interest in the 3DS.

Kotaku won't know how the lower priced 3DS did until official sales figures hit, but Bloomberg reported that analysts want Nintendo to abandon its own platforms and release games on the iPhone, something that Nintendo has repeatedly said it will not do.

If the 3DS sales do pick up, those cries for Nintendo to make iPhone games are likely to subside. But if Nintendo has a rough time with the 3DS, expect those cries to get louder and louder and louder.


    Japanese news?

    Could of sworn I was on an Australian gaming website.

      Don't be a troll. How is this not related to gaming?

      Or what, you only want Australian Gaming News on Kotaku? Every article would be about Fruit Ninja........... -___-

        No, I just want gaming news relevant to Australia on Kotaku *Australia*

          Kotaku Australia is a site for reading international gaming news with a slightly greater focus on Australia (thanks Mark).
          If you want a purely Australian gaming news site, there are at least couple of good ones of those about, but this site is broader than that.

    Hmmm.. the lines of people waiting are sometimes hired by P.R. firms.. just remindin'.

    What is with all this ridiculous overreaction about Nintendo now having to be bought by apple? Do people forget that Nintendo isn't only in the handheld business?! The Wii was and is more successful than either PS3 or 360 for christ sake. Saying Nintendo, after 30 years as one of the major game developers, will be reduced to iphone apps as a result of slightly slow sales for a new handheld console is mindbogglingly stupid.

      Thank you.
      Nintendo only sold how many Wii's & DS consoles this gen? And the first slip up they have, & moron analysts start predicting the end of the world. Nintendo will be just fine

      Nintendo pulled through a 10-year "slump" starting with N64 while still making a profit, and now with NDS/Lite and Wii are basically swimming in a giant Scrooge McDuck-style moneybin.

      They'll be fine, but I really wish they'd quit frakin' around and populate their online store. How bloody hard can it be to stick the massive existing library of game ROMs into an online repository? The ratings, blurbs, screenshots and box art is already done - just host 'em and make the price reasonable! FFS!!

      I'm particularly confused by why people are specifically saying Apple and the iPhone. Considering that Nintendo does games for dedicated gaming consoles as opposed to multifunction devices like the iPhone which just don't have the same grunt, you'd think that people would be saying that they should do stuff for the PSP/Vita and PS3. Nintendo and Sony's history notwithstanding, that makes infinitely more sense than being Apple's cashcow ever would. Of course, what do industry analysts know about sense?

    Wtf nintendo make games for apple? Gotta be a joke surely!

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