This 3DS Price Cut Just Might Work

Nintendo's decision to slash the 3DS's price tag was sudden and desperate. Who cares, because from the sound of it, Japanese gamers are becoming keen.

According to The Mainichi Newspaper, when the price was dropped, online reservations at Japanese retailer Bic Camera spiked. "It's going better than we thought," a Bic Camera spokesperson told the paper. "There's definitely been a response."

And sales for used 3DS units is apparently improving, too. Used retailer Book Off dropped the price for used 3DS and saw sales increase four times. Customers are keen to pick up used 3DS units in hopes of snagging the 20 free games.

Ultimately, these pre-orders don't matter. Final sales numbers matter. But this anecdotal evidence should give Nintendo hope. All is not lost for the 3DS! Get it some killer games, and Nintendo's right back in this portable racket.

任天堂:3DS値下げ特需 特典目当てで中古も人気 [Mainichi]

(Top photo: David McNew/Getty)


    Hardly good news for Nintendo. A price cut as significant of this is sure to sell a few more systems.
    I think the 3Ds is an example of how people are no longer willing to upgrade to a system which is hardly a generation leap.

      @Thomas So you're saying the price drop is GOING to sell units, yet it's not good news for Nintendo? Learn to argue, mate.

    They will rape christmas dry with starfox, zelda, kid icurus, the capcom titles and stupid parents buying all that 3rd party garbage.

    3DS wouldve sold much higher imo if there were more games released for it, more hardcore and a balance of casual games as well..and maybe more advertisements ala what they did with the DS back in the day..

    i almost bought a 3DS on the first go but seeing it has no games that interests me i it has come so far since its release that im not that interested anymore (and maybe because ive read so much about the Vita that my interests shifted)

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