The Baconing's Trailer Is A Release Date Preceded By 90 Seconds Of Non Sequiturs

I've yet to play a Deathspank game. I want to at some point, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

But I'm not sure how this trailer for Deathspank's third outing, The Baconing, makes me feel. Actually, I know exactly how it makes me feel, which is kind of uncomfortable and a tad hungry at the same time. It's rather odd.

If queasy hunger and heroes in thongs are your thing, The Baconing will be out August 31st on the PSN (where you can save a bit of money), XBLA, PC or Mac.


    I'm gonna guess that like the last two games the trailer will be way better than the actual game itself.

    Deathspank is an amazing game. I have had more fun with the previous two iterations than most larger release games that I have ever played.

    Cant wait for The Baconing!

    Why Deathspank when you can just spank?

    The first two Deathspank games were class....for xbla titles, i mean. As long as it does what the last two did then there's no way it can go wrong in my mind. I look forward to it

    that should have been *can't* go wrong. My bad

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