The Sites (And Booth Companions) Of China's Biggest Show

ChinaJoy is the country's biggest game show. It wrapped up on July 31, and showcased a whole host of PC games.

What made this year different was that the booth companions were supposed to wear toned-down clothing.

...They're didn't really! Shorts and skirts were still dangerously short, though, booth companions didn't appear to have stickers on cleavage this year. They just had cleavage.

First held in 2004, ChinaJoy is the country's largest game show.

ChinaJoy 2011コンパニオン, 【ChinaJoy 2011】写真で見る! [Gamer, OnlineGamer]

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    Wow, so many people look... unhappy?

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    The article was definitely ruined right at the end there, you are evil, you who put up those photos in that order.

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