This Spectacular Rage Trailer Gives Us Something To Fight For

Just in time for the kickoff of QuakeCon 2011, the epic new trailer forRage sheds new light on the forces aligned against humanity's remnants in id's post-apocalyptic shooter.

As if we needed any more motivation to play what might be the best thing to come out of id since Quake, this intense look at the story behind the game gives us a clear view of the enemy we'll face after the end of the world: Ourselves. Man, we suck.



    doom3 with open maps? boring. never could get excited about carmacks visuals... they dont really impress

    story line might be interesting, but this doesnt seem appealing

      PFFFT, Yeah, totally doom 3 with open maps. Thats exactly what that trailer was showing. Simon, just shut up and hate in your room by yourself. So your impressed by nothing and you must be from the future so nothing impresses you. We get it. All the girls on this site must be going crazy with crushes cuz you are so nonchalantly super cool.

    A Wilhelm Scream!!! #Win

      I think you mean Howie.

    looks awesome if you ask me.. been waiting for this game for years! finally it is upon us, here's to hoping it doesn't let us down :)

    John Goodman FTW

    Looks great - looking forward to it.

    Rage: sponsored by Nutra Grain. Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

      I totally heard that too! Amusing.

    Cant wait, wish it was out already, feels like Im living in a wasteland of no games! well Ive got mario galaxy 2 to play on Wii yeahahahah

    wasn't really caring about this game until I saw this trailer. if they can make a trailer that awesome, I can't wait to see what they make of this game.

    NutriGrain at 2:30!


    Is that? Could it be?


    Steve Blum @ 1:25, day one buy for me.

    At first I was all "Sweet! It's here." and then I saw the games for windows logo on the pc box and cried.

    the pr train is ramping up this for this baby, and its got me excited!

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