Torchlight 2 Is Too Big For Xbox Live's Memory Limit

Torchlight did land-office bidness on Xbox Live Arcade, but Torchlight 2 is so far above the memory limit on an XBLA game that the developer is focusing instead on a MacOS port after its upcoming PC release.

Max Schaefer, the Runic Games CEO, told Eurogamer that the first Torchlight just barely fit under XBLA's file size limit. While file size is not the issue here, memory is, Torchlight 2 would still need to be "comprehensively redesigned" to get on the Xbox 360's download service.

However, "We would have to be redoing the interface for a console release anyway, just like we did with Torchlight 1, so it would probably make sense to do something more specifically tailored to the Xbox," Schaefer said.

So Runic has not completely written off Xbox Live, but Schaefer said the studio's priority for now is finishing the game for PC and then delivering a port for MacOS.

He added that Runic would consider pursuing a full retail release for consoles, which eliminates the space worries of XBLA but poses another set of headaches, too. "We would absolutely consider that," he said, but they have had no discussions with publishers about it.

Torchlight 2 is Too Big for XBLA [Eurogamer]


    Man I want Torchlight 2.

    i play torchlight on my PC (desktop) and Mac (laptop), so this is great news for me... when is it going to be released?

    I'm looking foward to this more than Diablo 3 :O

      Me too. This will be my new LAN-night game with my fiancee.

    Size limit can always be changed for XBLA... it started off at 50mb. Has been revised a number of times as it is.

    Are they giving us multiplayer this time??

      yes it's kind the whole point of torchlight 2 in prep for there torchlight MMO

    I do not think it is size in that sense. After all there are full game downloads on XBL now, albeit perhaps not arcade.

    I do not quite know what they are referring to though "file size is not the issue here, memory is".

    And I am looking forward to this. I do not expect much from Blizzard these days.

    It doesn't really have to be on XBLA does it? theres a whole section for downloable full size games.

    At first I thought it meant file size, not memory, but then the story says "file size is not the issue here, memory is"

    What's this memory limit about? Why is there a different memory limit for an XBLA game than there is for a retail game? The console has X amount of RAM - why isn't an XBLA game allowed to use it all?

      Might be the number of enemies on the screen at one time.

      Torchlight 1 actually had a fair few particle effects going for the PC version. If you turn it up to max you probably won't be able to play it on old/low spec system. In fact mine lagged on a 3 yo med-spec PC when turned to max with 4+ enemies on screen + spells.

      When you wanna put that on console though you have 2 choices: Either shaft the graphic and lower it to fit the memory (face it, max console power is still considerably lower than max PC power) or don't compromise and re-tailor it at a later date. Seems like they go the best way which is the 2nd one :)

        But the article specifically said that it was XBLA's memory limit. Why is there a different memory limit for an XBLA game compared to a boxed retail game? They're running on the same hardware, so why can't they use the same amount of memory? This makes no sense at all.

        Or is it actually to do with the amount of memory in the 360 itself, and this is just a horribly-written, confusing article?

    yea. Revise the XBLA limit again please! This is not 2008.

    The problems with ports is that it's taking something designed on one device and just throwing it onto another. When they stop and develop a game for a specific console it works great.

    Halo didn't work on a PC because it was designed on the Xbox and ported. Bayonetta was designed for the 360 and ported to the PS3, which resulted in long loading times (even for pausing) because it wasn't developed for the PS3.

    Same thing for Torchlight on 360, it's just a port from the PC and the controls don't work in favour for it. If they want to release Torchlight 2 on the 360 they have to develop it for the 360.

      I wouldn't call Halo a bad port at all. I found it far superior to the 360 version.

        Because the 360 version of Halo was a port.

          Correction sorry. I meant the xbox version. Got so used to referring to an xbox as a 360 :S

    About time a developer focused on developing for the best platform out there instead of the most popular one...

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