Here's How Torchlight 2 Starts

The developers at Runic Games know you've been waiting. Their long-brewing RPG sequel was supposed to be out last year, to give even players a dose of hack-and-loot before the even longer-brewing Diablo III came out. Now, Blizzard's game will be hitting shelves before Torchlight 2.

So, the powers-that-be at Runic have offered up the game's opening cinematic to whet fans' appetites. If the art style in the teaser looks familiar, that's because the animation was done by Klei Entertainment, who have produced the Shank games. The cartoony clip reveals the threat that you'll be facing up against in Torchlight 2, with sequences that hint at the kind of co-op experience you'll be having. Makes the wait a little better, no?


    I keep thinking it's Shank. Where was the Ranger btw?

    its sad, loved the first game but how can you compete with d3. should of come out a year ago like planned.

      As someone who played and love Diablo 1 and 2 and both their expansions, I don't really care about Diablo 3. I play single player and it seemed every time a Diablo 2 patch came out it balanced the game towards multiplayer at the expense of single player. Skills get nerfed because someone found an exploit in pvp. Loot drops get nerfed because of players doing mf runs on Mephisto. And I generally hated all the "hidden knowledge" stuff like runewords and horadric cube recipes which I'm guessing was put in to increase community engagement. I don't want to have to alt-tab out of the game to scan a wiki page ever other minute. I think Diablo 3 will be all this, plus further unbalanced by the pay-real-money store and chuck in some irritating "always on" drm, and the standard big price tag ... what is there to get excited about?

      Torchlight 2 on the other hand... can't wait! Loved the first one.

        I wasn't all that excited about Diablo 3 until I played the beta. I've pre-ordered it now. There is one positive of the always on drm, there is now no distinction between single player characters and characters. I used to mainly play single player and it was frustrating that I couldn't take my character online, I had to set up a new one to dabble.

        Also, I don't think wiki pages existed when people were playing Diablo 2!

    Pretty good but it's not Wakfu

    Is it just me or are the guys in red using guns at 1:15

      why would that be an issue, guns were in the first torchlight.

    Torchlight 2 has lost a shit load of sales now that Diablo 3 is being released first.
    It would have been a nice little game to tie people over until D3, but nope. Too late.

      not for me, i tried playing D3 on my 4 yr old machine, and it struggles so much on low settings. but with torchlight 1 it runs so smooth on high. I'm going to be getting torchlight 2 until i have the cash to upgrade.

      not for me, i tried playing D3 on my 4 yr old machine, and it struggles so much on low settings. but with torchlight 1 it runs so smooth on high. I'm going to be getting torchlight 2 until i have the cash to upgrade.

    Been playing d3 beta, i prefer torchlight over it, what is wrong with me?!

    I'll be playing both!

      ^ Me too. There is no reason people won't get D3 and Torchlight 2.

    LOL ;x When Blizz is having server issues or you're internet is down and you can't play your D3, relax knowing there are plenty of people out there playing Torchlight 2 just fine. For less money.

    I'm sure D3 will be a good game, but Torchlight stands regardless of Diablo's existence; it was not made to "tie people over" for a different game. It's its own game with its own charm and world and one some people might prefer over Diablo, like myself. Move along fanbois, nothing for you to see here.

    For most players, Torchlight is considered only because of the Diablo series. Having played both, I wanted to love Torchlight 2, but the game lacks depth.

    They hired a new writer, but the plot barely drives the game. I liken it to the plots found in fighting games. They're nice to have, but you're really only there for the gameplay. And after playing Torchlight over the weekend, the gameplay gets stale.

    I do like Torchlight 2's skills over Torchlight 1's skills, but unless the developers do a lot of balancing skill-wise and difficulty-wise, Torchlight 2 will end up much like Torchlight 1. Inconsistent, lackluster, and not doing a good job of hiding the repetitive.

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