Torchlight II Is Much Bigger Than Torchlight. How Much Bigger? This Much Bigger.

Torchlight II is going to be a heck of a lot bigger than Torchlight. Runic founder Travis Baldree has written a blog post on the game's site detailing just how much bigger. By his reckoning, Torchlight II is about four times the size of its predecessor.

Here's the breakdown in helpful infographic form:

Size Matters: Travis Talks About Scale [Torchlight II Blog]


    oh cool news from 3 days ago. nice job

      You sound badass. Can I join your gang?

    Beta was tops, this news is awesome, and the backend of D3 has proven to be a shitfight, nightmare grind from hell. Sold ! :)

    P.S FU Blizz... I really shoulda known better :(

    Yes, those numbers are all very nice.

    I stayed the fuck away from D3. This game however, mate I will be all over it the day it comes out :) Looking forward to it.

    The graphic is missing out on the 8 fold increase in number of players.

    300monster models? wow thats great, Diablo 3 had like........4?

    this looks pretty cool but I want more info on the F2P Marvel one

    OK, content and gameplay are nice and all, but does it have the Real Money Auction House? Didn't think so. Checkmate.

    NEEDS more story. what an RPG without a good storyline :(

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