Why Microtransactions Aren’t Going Away Any Time Soon

“I refuse to buy microtransactions in any game. They’re trashy, greedy, and their existence shows nothing but disrespect for players. No matter how they’re implemented they cause me nothing but unbridled hatred toward whatever marketing department decided to infect an otherwise decent game with the hyper-capitalist video game equivalent of…

People Play 11 Years’ Worth Of Threes Every Day

Threes is out on Android today, and to celebrate the developers have released an infographic with stats about the game. If you’ve played it, you probably won’t be surprised to find that people are playing a lot of Threes.

Take A Guided Tour Of The Xbox One’s Controller

If you’re picking up the Xbox One when it releases (whenever that is), this is the controller you’ll be spending a lot of time with. While we’ve posted our own impressions of its design, a video and this infographic, from Microsoft, should help you understand how it differs from the…