Take A Guided Tour Of The Xbox One’s Controller

Take A Guided Tour Of The Xbox One’s Controller

If you’re picking up the Xbox One when it releases (whenever that is), this is the controller you’ll be spending a lot of time with. While we’ve posted our own impressions of its design, a video and this infographic, from Microsoft, should help you understand how it differs from the 360’s.

In the video, Quintin Morris, a senior product designer for Microsoft, takes you on a tour of the device. Its ergonomics, he says, should allow faster reaction times, even over longer playing sessions.

The video is below, and the infographic beneath that.

Take A Guided Tour Of The Xbox One’s Controller

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    • I didn’t even read that quote until you mentioned it, now I can’t get past it. Why would they pick that one? It’s been pretty well recieved, there are plenty of quotes out there talking about how good it feels to hold and how nice the sticks are, so why did they use such an awful quote? =S

      • lol that’s the only reason I said it, it kind of ‘sticks out like sore thumb’. The other quotes talk about its enhancements, how its refined, how its much better etc. That one just sounds… I don’t know… juvenile in a way? ‘Grippiness’? Maybe ‘The added texture aids in a better grip which allows…’ would sound far better to me personally in selling the product?

        • The word grippness reminds me of X-treme 90’s marketing for some reason. If someone said it had radical grippness I’d automatically assume they were talking about a super soaker.

          • I like how it says the view and menu buttons are out of the way yet easy to access. Personally I would’ve said ‘The renamed Start and Select buttons are in the same spot as always!’

    • You know, honestly Im amazed they didn’t put the twist DPad in from the Halo Reach pads??? I bought one of those and its flat out amazing. Best DPad they’ve ever had. It’s a real shame they didn’t use it honestly.

      • Its nicer than the original for sure but dedicated cross pads make inputs much cleaner apparently. I still occasionally find it triggering an up or down on a sideways input just because the whole thing can move slightly when in use. We’ll see when it comes out but I think I’ll prefer the new cross to the twist.

  • I like the look of the PS4 remote more. This just looks a little cheap IMO.
    That being said, I still can’t wait to pick one of these mofos up when they add PC support next year 😀

    • Pretty sure they will be as solid (if not more so) than the 360 controllers. Also like the fact that you wont have to buy a different or permanently wired controller for the PC, just plug in the USB and bam, it’ll work (once the drivers are out). Not sure if they will still bring out a wireless adaptor for PC tho.

      • Apparently it’s working differently now so you can play it wired or wireless without an adapter. What annoys me is that they’re taking months to release the drivers when the god damn console has a PC architecture to start with. Just let me have it straight away so I can buy the damn controller.
        And yeah I know it’ll feel just as good or better, I just think it looks cheapish… Meanwhile, I love the blue dualshock 4 look so much

    • I’ll probably use the PS4 controller with my PC, using Motioninjoy or similar. I want to see if they use the touch pad as a notebook type track pad. If so then I see a Steam box in my near future Mwhaha.

      In all honesty though, I think that the new controllers look great, but I dont understand why MS are talking about it so much, they haven’t changed that much. USB and ‘internal’ batteries are kinda old news for PS owners.. But still, its a step in the right direction. I’ll probs pick one up for my pc or just an X-ONE for some exclusives after a price drop/ after the PS4. Too early to call.

      • Yeah if I can get the dualshock 4 working on my PC I’ll definitely use one of them as well. Honestly I’m not sure why I’m so excited for the new controllers, I thing it’s next gen rumble and the fact that dualshock 4 is really different. Also, that blue controller is sexy as hell IMO.

  • The controller is weird enough one of the most attractive features of the Xbox One for me. Though maybe it’s because I so badly like how much that the d-pad isn’t the Xbox 360 d-pad.

    • I know what you mean. I’m so excited to for the dualshock 4 and to get one of these for my PC. Probably the thing I’m most excited about haha.

  • My only concern is that the screw holes are missing making me guess there’s only one central screw and the rest is held with some kind of clip’s…….in my experience clips tend to break easily….i like often open and clean my controllers, just it bugged me abit wondering how its held together?

    • Just speculating but I think they have the screws for the main back section inside the battery compartment and once that is removed there will be screws holding the side/grip sections on.

      • Yeah that’s what I’m worried about the screws being too central….of course it could be some good design that works well

  • I love the new tech and design, however it looks like a slightly upgraded Xbox 360 controller externally with a few cosmetic changes. Its a pity the transforming d-pad was not kept with this new design as this would allow customisation to the feel of the d-pad, not just stick with one layout. Also, I hope the d-pad has buttons under each button – up down left right, and not just central microswitch which relies on you sliding your thumb around to the position. I’m glad this controller can use standard AA batteries, instead of being forced to use proprietary battery pack from MS. This way I can use my NiMH rechargeable AA batteries at no additional cost.

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