Ever Wonder Just How Big League Of Legends Is? Let This Video Show You

Seventeen League of Legends champions die for every baby that is born, and many other crazy facts put just how big a game this online multiplayer is into perspective.

League of Legends certainly has a huge presence online, with a robust and enthusiastic competitive community, too. But I bet you never thought one livestreamed competition could bring in as many viewers as four times the population of Lichtenstein, Germany.

This video debuts a new series being hosted on Machinima, called “Graphic Content.” It’s like an infographic, but animated.

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  • Lichtenstein is a country, not in Germany. Also, that video just demonstrates how rapidly the world’s population is expanding, rather than how many LoL players are dying each second.

  • Dota 2 international finals had more than 500k in 2012 and Lichtenstein is not a part of Germany, it is a discrete country.

      • 567k concurrent viewers for the grand finals of The International 2, a game that’s technically not even released yet. LoL had millions of viewers ACROSS the duration of the tournament like Dota 2. It peaked at around 1 million concurrent but its playerbase is far bigger so more Dota players were watching as a proportion of their entire playerbase. LoL also had TV broadcasts in Korea and China – Dota 2 did not. All in all both games pull in lots of viewers but I find LoL more boring to watch and the S2 finals were disappointing compared to TI2 due to all the technical issues and cheating.

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