Torchlight II Comes to PC on September 20

Torchlight II hits PC on September 20, with the Mac version shipping on a later date.

In other news, a Runic developer has confirmed to Kotaku that all of the game's dungeons and the overworld will be randomised.


    This is what Diablo 3 should have been. So looking foward to it on console. ^.^

    I enjoyed the first Torchlight game immensely, but unfortunately it's coming out the same day as Borderlands 2, and 5 days before Mists of Pandaria. I doubt I'll actually have time to play it until a couple of months down the track.

      Yeah it seems the already packed release schedule just got bigger.

    I think that itch has been scratched by Diablo 3 v1.04 for me, but I will look into it down the track

    All my co-op buddies are knee deep into GW2 atm :(

    Godamn borderlands 2 same day not sure how to maximise gaming time around real life :/

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