Why Would Anyone Watch Videos Of Leaked Gears 3 Footage?

It's something I've wondered about. When a game like Gears of War 3 is leaked ahead of its release date, I can understand wanting to play it, but why on earth would someone go out of his or her way to spoil themselves by watching videos of it on YouTube?

In a lengthy interview with EDGE Magazine, Gears executive producer Rod Fergusson wonders the same thing. "It's people choosing to ruin their own experience," he says, "which I completely don't get."

He also muses about people who might play leaked code because they're curious about Epic's design process, observing that "it's a tempting proposition because it gives them a peek behind the curtain into the development process that you don't get when you have a team go into a black box for three years or so and then emerge with this amazing, polished experience. But you want to watch the making-of afterward. Nobody wants to watch 'The Making of Avatar' before they've watched the actual movie."

>Rod Fergusson on Gears of War 3 [EDGE]


    How about "I want to see how this game plays before I buy it, maybe it's not for me..."

      Yes, because leaked alphas are totally representative of the final product...

        I see your point, and have not logged onto youtube for that reason. My response was just to suggest that others may not think as we do...

      Ahh the age old gem used by game and music pirates all over the world.

    The same reason anybody wants gameplay footage of coming titles. To see whether or not it looks like it might suck and not be worth the $.

    That is so stupid, it's like asking
    'Why is there any form of game media apart from the games themselves?"

    You guys just posted about your 3 hours hands on with rage. Anyone who read that has now had that experience spoiled.

    This site is going down the drain

      "This site is going down the drain"

      Half agree... the American articles sure are getting crappier and crappier. Mark's stuff is better than ever, and with a weekend writer on the way, I think Kotaku AU is in safe hands.

    I'll buy the game eventually I think. But I'm not going to be lining up in front of the shop on opening night to buy it. So watching leaked footage really won't spoil anything that I really don't care about

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