6 Minutes Of Kirby's Surprisingly Insane Nintendo DS Swan Song

Silly me. I thought the main draw of Kirby Mass Attack would be Kirby Mass Attack. Nope. The main mode of what I assume is Kirby's final game on the sunsetting Nintendo DS — the mode that gave this game its name — is a decent experiment in controlling 10 pink puffballs at once in a side-scrolling adventure.

The real draw is that this game has a bevy of nutso mini-games.

Hooray for Kirby pinball! Cheers for Kirby the space-shoot-em-up! And thumbs up to the Kirby role-playing-game. Those and other, lesser mini-games are unlockable in this month's Kirby Mass Attack. The mini-games are small, fun and silly, as jolly and enjoyable as anything I've been wasting time with on my iPhone lately. And they star Kirby who, it seems, is up for just about any kind of game.

I've tried to capture the best of Kirby Mass Attack and its unlockable oddities in this video tour. Enjoy.


    seeing that many kirbies at the same time can only make me squeal with happiness

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