ACCC Receives Complaints About New GAME Rewards Card

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has received a number of complaints from the public about GAME's new rewards card, which features the hosts of GAME TV with holes strategically placed on the card so that their bottoms and genitals can be "re-created" with a person's finger.

The marketing director of GAME, Ben Grant, could not reveal the number of complaints that had been received, but said that there were no plans to change the cards.

"Unfortunately we are never going to please everyone with our style of marketing, which is slightly edgy and occasionally controversial. Most of our customers love this about us, however, there are always a small minority who take offence," says Grant.

"Our 'WTF' campaign back in February caused a lot of controversy, and the ACCC decided, after investigation, that the complaints were unfounded ... we expect to upset a few people along the way, as not everyone shares our sense of humour."

"For me, it is harmless fun with the new GAME ON Reward Card designs, but it seems others are deeply offended, and are willing to take further action, and report us to the ACCC. Surely they have better things to do?"

At Kotaku we're not sure if we want to think of some dude's arse every time we purchase a game (read: we are pretty sure we don't want to think about arse when we're buying games), but we guess that this might provide endless enjoyment for others? What do you think of GAME's new rewards card? Is it too much? Not enough? Needs more Halo? Let us know!


    Christ. They think that dick jokes are 'edgy' and that toilet humour is the way forward for a videogames company?

    Man. I kinda like GAME, specially in comparison to EB but this is really sad.

      It's lamer than that GameTV crap - but not quite as lame as people taking the time to complain dick and bum jokes. What is this, the 60's?

      Indeed, being edgy is so whack. What do they think this is, the '90s?

      Should have just called the cards iRewards 2.0.

        Anyone remember this ?

      If I'd got one I would have probably asked counter staff what the holes were for, honestly not noticing. Oh the embarrassment they would have felt at explaining it, especially if I insisted they show me.

      Its not just them, Dick Smith is about to launch (has begun!) a new campaign in a very similar light all centered around the companys "Dick" name..

      EB and GAME are the same company. They're separate local brands in Australia, but they're owned by the same parent company internationally.

        This is false. EB is based in the USA, GAME is a UK based company. 2 Different companies completly.

        You're confusing GAME with Gamestop in your eagerness to correct people.

      Get over it, mate. If you're offended or saddened by the card, don't buy it. If it ruins the credentials of GAME, don't shop there.

    I don't think it's offensive, I just think it's stupid.

      It is stupid that people would complain about it. Seriously not bad at all, should write fuck on it then I would understand complaints. Time for some more cotton wool Australia

        No, I mean the cards are stupid. "Ohh Butts and Dicks! LOL That's where i'm shopping from now on! Black Ops and Duke Nukem forever r kewl!"

    I don't really have a problem with it personally, not that I ever shop at GAME or would ever use a rewards card. :P

    But this is the type of thing that primary/younger high school kids lap up. :P

      Two words.

      Target audience.

        I retract that.

        Immature adolescent neanderthals, maybe?

    If their rewards cards provide endless fun, what incentive do people have to use them to buy games? They're clearly shooting themselves in the foot with this strategy.

      The rewards cards are different from gift cards, aren't they? (could be wrong). Don't you keep these cards and get them scanned every time you make a purchase?

        I think the rewards card is just their version of Fly Buys and other such nonsense.

        I've got an old rewards card, I think they just gave it to me when I bought something from their online store a while back (or did I get one of their retail stores to send me something because it wasn't available at my local stores? Nevermind) and the thing just wastes space in my wallet.

        Probably should have said "use them when buying games" not "to buy games".

          You should use it more often. Ive only discovered $23 in store credit on mine, which will come in handy for a pre-order or cheap game:)

    meh... I got my new updated card yesterday, just a regular card, etc...

    Don't care how it's advertised, as long as I can use my ~$60 credit (current).

    It's a bit low brow and if given a choice (which I hope I do when I go change my card over) I'll get one of the more standard looking cards.

    Btw, nothing needs more Halo, but it always needs more cow bell

    I was one that complained. I emailed Game about how unhappy I was about this and all I got back was a 2 line email saying that they will pass my complaint on.

      How did you get on to the internet, grampa?

      u didnt have to pick that card there are two normal looking cards to pick from as well build a bridge and get over it! there are more serious issues in the world than what some companies membership card looks like!

      Spoonful of cement, sweetheart?

      Have a coke and a smile and shut the f**k up.

    I dont like the cards personally, hardly worth complaining about to the ACCC though.

    This will appeal to some gamers.

    Like that guy who buys one FIFA game a year. Pre-owned.

    This card will be right up his ally.

    A more serious reply this time, GAME's whole marketing strategy right now seems a little Poochie.

    Someone has decided to target this market without a realistic idea of the demographics within the market. They're working off of stereotypes and what they think the kids these days are into without actually bothering to find out.

    If there are any GAME employees reading this, please be aware that I currently envision your marketing department as being somewhat a cross between Lindsay Naegle from The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show and Val as in Val from the Daria episode "Story of D".

    That's not a good thing, don't just put sunglasses on your mascot and think that it's hip.

      Oops. The Daria episode is "The Lost Girls", not "The Story of D".

        I agree, and +2 for the Daria referance

      Stereotypes is the right word...

      The marketing campaign isn't offensive, it's just... stupid and tacky.

      Poo and bum jokes might work for 12 year olds...

      Pretty sure the people that will find endless entertainment value in handing a card over with a hole in it, is the same that this applis to:

    I can see that some people might be offended by the ass and dick ones, which is completly understandable, but there are 2 other "normal" options available to choose from. If you dont like the crude cards, pick a plain one! And to go out and actually complain t the ACCC, come on, "think of the children" stuff.

    I think they're targeting their audience pretty well - young, stupid, immature males.

    Also, it's funny cus' my finger is his pee-pee!

    the bigger complaint should be how they're cutting your already earned points by 90%...

    You used to rack up a usable amount of points pretty you have to spend the grand total of $5000 to get one free game.

      The points you get are pittiful and are literally not worth the time it would take me to take the damn thing out of my wallet.

    gees, don't let fox news see this...:(

    Didn't realise people still bought games at retails stores in Australia.

      my thoughts exactly. I haven't bought a game from an aussie retailer for over a year.
      Sorry if i piss anyone off here by saying this but your an idiot if you buy games from a store front these days.

        Haha! Should I put up a pic of the girl who works at my local eb? mite make u change your mind! Daaaaammmnn!!

          I am definitely the kind of shopper that goes to a video game store to pick up the sales assistant and have my wallet emptied. You are exactly the kind of shopper they want.

          Hire pretty girl >> Get young males to come into store and pay way too much for games
          You are a slave to their 'advertising'.
          You poor thing.

          Death to retail.

            I understand this if you don't have gametraders nearby. They let me layby for months at a time.
            Can't get that online.

        Ha ha! You call everybody else an idiot but you most likely failed English class.

          Referring to his incorrect use of you're?
          It's the internet age man, everyone really stopped caring about "English" long ago.

            I didn't, I make sure that my spelling and grammar is correct. Sometimes an error gets through that I try to stop or edit right after, but I'm usually not insulting peoples intelligence at the same time.

              While I understand u mad bro, and he didn't need to call 'you' an idiot (or those that buy from retail stores) - insulting intelligence is taking what has become an almost harmless word and making it something bigger than it has to be.

              yeah well bad grammar aside it is the truth. Paying over $100 for a new release is stupid. Go grab for half price online. You can't possibly argue with that?

              "I didn’t, I make sure that my spelling and grammar is correct."


              I'm pretty sure that should be "I didn’t, I make sure that my spelling and grammar ARE correct."


                No. It should be “I didn’t. I make sure that my spelling and grammar ARE correct.” The use of the comma in place of the fullstop is incorrect in both instances.


                Oh and as an ex GAME employee, I would like to take this opportunity to say that the new edgy marketing strategy is exceptionally weak. What ever happened to understanding your target market? The idiotic upper management at GAME are responsible for doing irreparable damage to an already shaky brand platform floundering in an increasingly competitive market. They blew an opportunity to fill a niche but just ended up @#$%ing things up.

    I can't believe that people complained to the ACCC about the cards but no one is complaining about the MASSIVE drop in reward points that you now get, I mean you used to get a voucher for $28.50 for every $500 spent in-store now you get a tiny $10 for every $500 spent :(

    Its stupid. Its not offensive... if you honestly find that offensive then you're an old man with nothing better to do. I see stupid people every day, I dont go up to them and try and forward on my complaint (people dont like to be thumb-tacked).

    Cards are pretty lame, but I have to give props to GAME for that reply. It's nice to FOR ONCE see a company sticking to their guns lately.

    lol game is liked because it's edgy and controversial ?! when the hell has game been edgy and controversial ? so controversial that you guys couldn't even stock any copies of skyrim collectors in any of your stores. That should be a much higher priority than your stupid rewards cards.

    Oh god. Guys, I'm at the end game.

    I just realised that if I look at my fingers in certain ways, I can always see something that resembles buttocks or genetalia.

    I'm in a state of perpetual offense.

    Or, you know. I could also rationalise that certain things will always look like other things, and if I don't stick my fingers into suspect holes in loyalty cards, I won't have to be offended.

      +1, well said.

      This adequately compensates for your moment of retardation earlier.

    I thought it was something important...

    Way to present gamers as immature morons obsessed with dick and fart jokes, GAME. I'm not offended, but I think it's stupid.

    I wouldn't complain, but seriously, that's rubbish. They should sack the marketing guy, and those two idiots at the same time. Pathetic.

    Game going down hill IMO.

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