Add A Mirror And Suddenly Video Game Covers Are Ruined

You might not know it, but the amount of work that goes into designing a video game cover is mind-boggling. Everything from the characters to the angles to the colours is considered, checked and focus-tested to within an inch of its life.

It's a lot of hard work! Which is instantly, and wonderfully undone by simply cutting the things in half and holding up a mirror to them.

Reddit user freakylol has shared a gallery containing a whole bunch of these mirrored covers, some hilarious, others horrifying, some even an improvement on the original.

There's a selection of the best above, with the rest at the link below.

Mirrored game covers... [Reddit]


    Awesome! This is pure gold. Gave me a few ideas for actual games like the gow weapon looks like a double chain machine gunerang XD and the brink one is awesome. Think my favourite is 'MooooM'
    though :-D

    Damn, now I won't rest until statz waiaw movie is a reality.

    Welcome to 4chan over 2 years ago. Jesus Christ, you suck Luke.

    Welcome to 4chon over 2 years ago. Slowpoke much?


      In so many horrible and yet..wonderful ways

    Leia becomes the 3 breasted hooker from Total Recall? Well, that might make the Special Editions worth getting...

    dont worry faith i still reckon youre hot

    Looking at Star Wars, you reallize that he's been Mickey since always!

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