This Doco Covers The Aftermath Of EVE Online's 'Jita Riots'

CCP's space-faring MMO EVE Online has had its fair share of drama, some of which has spread beyond the confines of its virtual universe and into the real world. It's not a stretch to say that the developer has an interesting relationship with its fans, one that's more complicated than you might think. Thankfully, for those of us who know nothing about EVE, there's a new documentary to guide us through the turmoil.

Despite a failed Indiegogo campaign, a group of media students from Sweden's Malmö University still spent the last year or so gathering interviews with developers and players of the 11-year-old MMO, with a focus on the "EVE Online Fanfest", an annual three-day event held in Reykjavik, Iceland celebrating "all things EVE".

The result is the above hour-long documentary, entitled "A Tale of Internet Spaceships". A healthy chunk of the presentation revolves around an in-game "riot" and the effect it had on the company and EVE players. To those of us on the outside, it probably sounds a bit strange, but I'm sure the people who spend a good portion of their day trading, mining, killing and attacking virtual monuments within CCP's creation take things a little more seriously.

A Tale of Internet Spaceships [YouTube, via Reddit]


    That was really good. I actual found myself learning alot about Eve, the devs and the fans. I am one of those people that has great interest in the games massive battles and stories of espionage among other player driven happenings but I find myself too lazy and short on time to delve into a game so complicated. Great stuff!

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