3000 Players Celebrate 10 Years Of EVE Online In One Epic Battle

In a testament to the player-driven nature of EVE Online, special events developer CCP introduced to celebrate the space MMO's 10th anniversary paled before the spectacle of 3000 players forming an impromptu shipswarm to take down one of the biggest ships in the game.

We've seen epic space battles in EVE Online before, but this is truly glorious. Proving the concept of strength in numbers, thousands of players piloting Frigates — the smallest ships in the game — to destroy the giant Nyx Supercarrier.

Eve Online - Flight Of A Thousand Rifters III - 3000 Players In Huge Fight [YouTube]


    I've got to stop reading these articles. It makes me really want to get the game.

    Same, But then i remember that it's a point and click space game. Really wish you could actually fly your ship/s instead of just clicking where you want it to go and at what speed ect..

    If you're interested in this game, EVE online has a buddy program whereby if you use a buddy link you get 21 days instead of just 14. Here's the link: https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=ffbc0508-fcbd-4019-832e-59b5a848fdef&action=buddy

    You also get a limited edition super battlecruiser if you use this link and subscribe before the end of the month.

    Enjoy and Welcome to EVE! :)

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