Another World Anniversary Edition On iTunes Store

Another World is a gorgeous game that pushed boundaries with its revolutionary aesthetic, and 20 years on it continues to influence game design. To mark its 20th anniversary, the game has been released for iOS devices.

Another World (also known as Out Of This World) was made by the same developer behind From Dust, Eric Chahi. Developer DotEmu and publisher BulkyPix have brought it to iOS for its 20th anniversary. It is available now for $4.99.



    I like how they pulled a Cease & Desist order on the fan who made the unofficial Android version (an app that had 5000 downloads), got it taken off the Market and then re-release it only on iOS.

    What a f***ing crock of s***

      you like how a guy who made a thing which is really cool and neat and influential and is currently just about penniless kind of wants to make money off the cool thing he did?

      or: maybe they'll talk to the guy who did the android version and get him to give it up to them and then they will give him a share the $$$. that would be nice!

      or: this is personally my choice for the best video game ever made, and i certainly wouldn't want to play it on a portable device. would you play ICO on your phone?

        I think you've missed the point dude.

        I'm saying there was 5000 people who downloaded an unofficial port of the game on Android. A port which wasn't exactly perfect. Yet the developers went ahead and released the game on iOS with no announcement for Android.

        I'll buy the fricken game. I have no problem in that.

        What I'm talking about is the fact that they chose iOS over Android, when the latter had already displayed there was an active community with an enthusiasm for the product. That, is a f***ing joke.

        Why is Eric Chahi almost penniless? From Dust was just released and sold well.

      So a fan released an illegal version of the game and you're complaining it got pulled?

    Reminds me of an awesome hoodoo gurus song

    How does it play? Because I remember the game being incredibly difficult back on consoles in the day, and that was with an actual physical controller and not some stupid touch screen controls...

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