BioWare's Cruel, Accidental Teasing Of Star Wars Fans

Tens of thousands of people on the mailing list for BioWare's Old Republic MMO received an email earlier today that basically said "hey, how's that beta treating you?". Even though they weren't in the beta.

Cue an instantaneous freak-out as millions of voices (well, thousands) cried out in terror (well, excitement) and were suddenly silenced, users believing, given the nature of the email, that they'd received a beta invitation and somehow missed it.

So they flooded the game's forums to get more information, to try and find out how to cash in this missing invitation. Which promptly broke the game's forums. Leaving them both excited and confused. Which is never a healthy combination.

If you're reading this, and got one of these emails, and aren't already in the beta: sorry. You weren't invited. You just got an email you weren't supposed to get.

[thanks everyone!]


    ...That's just pure-dang nasty evil!

    I got this and was wondering if I actually had a beta invite I hadn't cashed in.

    Supervisor: "Robertson! Send out an email to the beta participants."

    Robertson: "Yes, sir. Right away, sir."

    Robertson puts on his best trollface and sends the email to everyone.

    Supervisor: "Robertson, you fool! You sent that email to everyone. Now masses of nerds are outraged that they have missed out on beta invites!"

    Robertson: "But sir, I did check that the email went to the right people."

    Supervisor: "You're fired!"

    Robertson: "I've been sleeping with your daughter for the last three months."

    Supervisor: "Good for you. You're still fired and I'm sending her to join a nunnery."

      A nunnery? What is this, Hamlet?

      Sorry, that's just one of my favourite lines in the play :P

        Concidering her promescurity, I'd wager Holy Grail. Naughty Zoot!

        Get thee to a nunnery!

        I've often wanted to "get thee to a nunnery", but they wouldn't accept me.

    I feel the same way first time I saw Jar-Jar Binks.

    Good to see I wasn't the only one that got this email from Star Wars: The Troll'd Republic

    I'm just imagining the guy who hit the go button on this e-mail send out shitting his britches and going for an extended lunch break'.

    SUE!....(that is all)

    It's not surprising the forums imploded, they're overloaded with people as it is.

    Wait, Star wars fans being over excited and vocal on a forum?

    Say it ain't so!....


    At first I was concerned I'd missed out on potential Beta involvement... then I went to the TOR website, and remembered that I'm still pissed off at BioWare for not making single player KOTOR 3...

    haha I recieved the email as well...and was like "what the f***" I'm not in the beta haha...stupid EA probably just hit the send button to all on the mailing list...

    Kind of reminds me how they dealt with the pre-orders. Send it to everyone! Who cares if they can't play!

    For us in Australia, it doesn't matter anyway. Game isn't coming out til 2014. I hear Nintendo of Australia is handling localisaiton.

      Bah EA's Rock Band 2 Division is handling it.

      which means we are never getting it.

    I got the email today and was like "Have I been missing out on the beta this whole time?!" and then went back to playing BF3.

    They're taunting us.
    That's cruel and unusual punishment.
    As a member of the Empire this turns me on.

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