Burgertime Reboot Delayed To Deliver Beefier Multiplayer

Burgertime World Tour is being held a little while longer as it tests online multiplayer features, publisher MonkeyPaw Games told fans via Facebook on Monday. That means the game won't hit Xbox Live, PSN and WiiWare until late October or early November.

"We'd like to apologise for not getting the game out yet," MonkeyPaw said. "One of our goals was to institute a fresh new multiplayer experience, including competitive online play and leaderboards. However, this has added to our testing time and has pushed the release date back several weeks to ensure network stability."


    Lol. I still play the original on my NES when I have friends around for drinks. It's a great game though pretty hard due to the controls being a little sticky. Surprised it's taken this long to get an updated version out.

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