Call Of Duty XP 'Juggernaut Sumo' Pits Grandpa Vs Grandson

One of the many activities on hand at this weekend's Call of Duty XP event — activities that earn attendees badges of honour — is Juggernaut Sumo. The game? Put on a bulky fat suit gussied up to look vaguely like a Juggernaut from Modern Warfare 2's Spec Ops mode and... fight!

Lines are long, rounds are short. You can see just how quickly the battle between Call of Duty XP attendee Ryan and his grandfather, a man with a flair for falling over, lasts. But it may not end the way you expect.


    ... Really?

      y u hatin 4 ?

    cod xp was pretty sick, but bf xp was even better!

    owait lol

    HHHAHAHAH the end is friggen hilarious when hes like ohh yeah im a champ and then he falls over AGAIN :P lOl this is hilarious i wish i lived in america

    The best part of this is that a grandpa is there. It's sweet and another piece of evidence that gaming isn't only for pimple faced teens.

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