Can Swimsuit Models Get You Excited About Need For Speed: The Run?

With so many highly anticipated titles coming out in November, the next entry in the Need for Speed franchise isn't getting nearly as much attention as it should, so EA plays its T&A card.

Ah, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the last barrier between the good people of America and a looming wave of internet porn. It's getting to the point where seeing women dressed is more exciting than seeing them naked, so seeing 2011 swimsuit issue cover model Irina Shayk and swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen fully dressed as rivals in Need for Speed: The Run should be particularly exciting.

EA revealed the models' presence in the game this morning, along with a special Sports Illustrated subscription plan that bundles the game, a making-of DVD, and the magazine together for $US49.95.

"There are only a few companies that deliver upon the promise of excitement and innovation with every new product launch and EA stands at the top of that list. This is why it is very exciting that SI Swimsuit will be part of the latest edition of the Need for Speed franchise," said Frank Wall, vice president and publisher of Sports Illustrated. "I'm sure that the millions Swimsuit fans will be excited to see Irina and Chrissy behind the wheel and millions more will be introduced to franchise in a fun and unexpected way."

Perhaps those fans will finally realise that these women aren't just pieces of meat — they're bad voice actors as well.


    Keep an eye out during 2012 for these great hits from EA.

    Fifa: Playboy edition
    Syndicate: Suicide Girls Edition and
    The Sims: Trouble at Penthouse

      When I read your comment a part of me saw "Syndicate: Suicide Girls Edition" and thought "SWEET!"... the rest of me felt immense shame and embarassment

      That being said, nothing could get me interested in NFS

    Still don't care about the new NFS, only got the last one because it said criterion and all I got was a boring version of Burnout Paradise.

    So wait NFS: The Run is built on the Frostbite 2 engine? That could actually be interesting...

    Bring back Brooke Burke :D

    Do you come with the game?


    I gave up on NFS series back when I came to the realisation that they (EA) weren't interested in making a realistic, albeit arcadey and fun, car driving game. Too much rubber-band AI for my liking...

    So no.. no amount of boobage is going to sway me.. but they, the models, are sure nice to look at and I am glad that their money is being spent to please.. :)

    I've already looked into The Run and it sucks.
    Even if the cutscenes don't make you hate it, the checkpoint style gameplay (which is going to keep interrupting your driving) will seal the deal, on top of 'because EA'.

    I've been waiting for a Need for Speed game that has a story. NFS Hot Pursuit is a great game but I have no reason to play it for more than 10 or 20 minutes.
    NFS Underground is my favourite.

    Also, this reminds me of The fast and the furious. It has fast cars, hot women and America.

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