First Screenshots, Official Info From The New Syndicate

So, there's a new Syndicate game. Still not quite sure what to think about that. Anyway, here are the first official screenshots from the title.

EA just sent through a press release confirming the game's existence, as well as all the information contained in the leaked info we posted over the weekend.

Tiny versions of some of these screens were included in that leak, but here they are in a size where you can actually see what's going on.

"Our goal with Syndicate is to provide a challenging action shooter for today's gamers as well as fans of the original. I'm sure they will enjoy and recognise the legacy that made it such a classic," EA's Jeff Gamon says in the press release. "Fans of the franchise will recognise many weapons and environments in the game, but in a whole new way. The game also provides a separate and deep 4-player co-op mode featuring missions from the original cult classic, which adds another layer of depth to the overall experience."

It's coming for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and is expected sometime in "early 2012".


    As long as the Persuadertron is in, I'm in.

      Any FPS engine that can handle me brainwashing 100 civilians with guns and pointing them towards the bad guys would get my vote.

    Looks uninspired. ie shit

      you formed that opinion from a few screenshots?

        How did you come to this conclusion then?

    And yet another game morphed into an FPS. Don't get me wrong, I love me a good FPS, but does every game have to be another entry to that genre? It's like other kinds of games don't exist in AAA space anymore. Pathetic!

    I'd like to hope otherwise, but I have to suspect it will be a Syndicate skinned by-the-numbers FPS with one novelty trick up it's sleeve that doesn't quite work.

    Looks like EA is jealous of Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution wants to make a copy cat. The original Syndicate was not an FPS.

      My exact thoughts when i seen these screen shots... I want my remake of the original syndicate dammit!!

    “Our goal with Syndicate is to provide a challenging action shooter for today’s gamers as well as fans of the original. I’m sure they will enjoy and recognise the legacy that made it such a classic,”

    Well there goes my hope it will bare minimum a tactical Squad based FPS.
    Here's hoping they keep to the spirit of the universe then.....but who listens to their fans/customers these days?

    Cheers, EA. The market really needs another generic first person bore fest. If your not too busy ruining an esteemed game (The term franchise makes me ill) how about you take a steaming great dump in my cereal?

      Then they'll sell you the little bits of corn as DLC.

    I'm a little tired of getting angry about every game being a FPS, about brown and orange colour schemes, about US prices being so much cheaper than Australian prices, about piecemeal DLC, about PCs getting console ports,

    So I can't help but look at this article and think "Cool, that looks fun". From what I can see here I think this game will be a lot of fun and I'll enjoy it.

        Nice article. It summarises a lot of the crap that seems to flow out of the gaming community forums and media. And it highlights how much of those responses are severe over-reactions to what are really small problems.

        But while I agree with a lot of what it says, I still feel sour about this reboot of Syndicate, purely based on my own impressions and feelings of nostalgia for the old games.

        To be fair, when I first heard about DXHR, I didn't hold out that it would be any good. I'm glad to be proven wrong.

        But this still looks vanilla :P

        Great article!

    If I recall, Syndicate was set in a dystopian future, where merciless corporations brainwashed people and turned them into cyborg assassins sent out to kill their rivals, steal their secrets and sabotage their activities. It had a tone very close to Blade Runner, Neuromancer and other sci-fi classics.

    This looks about as Vanilla as as a dry Weet Bix Biscuit.

    EA... I am dissappoint.

    I think this could be buckets of fun. Hah, and usually I'M the cynical one!

    Awesome to finally hear what Starbreeze has been up to since the original "The Darkness" game. One of my favourite developers of all time, as they really impressed me on the original Chronicles of Riddick (xbox), and The Darkness which was an beautifully dark and gritty world and really merged action and horror in a way that made me say, heeeeell yeah - like the highly underated Alan Wake from Remedy (cant wait for the xbla/psn sequel to that too!)

    Why, whhhhyyyyyyyyyy????

    What was wrong with top down and squad based, first X-Com and now this.

    Man, I'll say what's on all our minds. (or should be)


    ~ A guy that recently played through about half of Syndicate

    Phase 1: Take already existing non-FPS franchise
    Phase 2: Turn it into generic looking FPS
    Phase 3: ???
    Phase 4: PROFIT!

    Wow, another first person shooter!

    I wonder if it will have chest high walls. I LOVE CHEST HIGH WALLS.

    /fuck off and die EA

    The guy in the top screenshot looks kinda like Ewen McGregor. I'm in.

    Whilst I'm open to the possibility of this not sucking, I'm sure waiting for a demo or will ozgameshop have it for 20 bucks (sadly the latter is more likely than the former these days)

    I'd really like to hope that we'd see syndicate plus & syndicate wars released on GOG as pre-release hype for the new game but I have a feeling they'd avoid that because the old games would probably be better and satisfy the "I'd like to play syndicate again" urge the fans who know the name have.

    Another shooter. Even though it bears a classic title forgive me for being uninspired.

    Evil Hoban Washburne looks MAAAAAAAD.

    What really annoys me is that there was so much potential for a *real* Syndicate remake.

    Imagine having your custom, persistent team of operators. Tinker with their hardwear, tailor them to your style and mission. Take them on against other players online in a variety of game modes/objective types.

    Think Pokemon meets Blade Runner meets Company of Heroes.

    I'm sad now.

      Yup the real dagger is the missed potential of a proper update to the squad tactics genre.

      Oh but no one buys tactics games anymore, cries the board of investors.

      Well they would, if you bothered to stick your necks out and have a go at making one! You've already got the established (and esteemed) IP FFS!

    I was going to say "If we're getting a new Syndicate can we get a new Dungeon Keeper as well", but I can't think of a worse franchise to be turned into an FPS.

      But DK had a 1st person part - when you possess your minions!

      I better shut up before I give EA more ideas.

        I wouldn't worry, EA doesn't like ideas. See article for more information.

    I never played Syndicate but I've heard a ton of praise for it over the years... but from what I heard it didn't sound suited to 'modern FPS' style gameplay... and the fact that it's coming so 'soon' after announcement is very interesting.

    That could be good or it could be bad... I'll be interested to see how this plays out

    Man, if I listened to you guys - I'd never play video games. Ever.

      what about people being dissapointed in this game makes you think that?

    So what if it's a first person shooter?

    As long as it has the same gritty overtones/atmosphere that the original had, it will still be good.

    The industry is in a different place than it was 10 or 15 years ago, and you can't blame a company for making something that's more commercially viable.

      I'm pretty sure we can if we want to. It's not like it will change their mind.

    Wasnt the previous games about commanding a squad of units to do your bidding and now its a fps ... im impartianal about this till i hear/see more

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