Gameplay Footage From The PS3's Best-Looking Game

Level-5's Ni No Kuni was easily my "game of the show" for 2011's Tokyo Game Show. It's the first game I ran to on opening day, and it's the only game I went and played twice.

If my impressions and some off-screen footage weren't enough to convey how good this game looks, here's 13 minutes of direct-feed gameplay footage from the title's Tokyo Game Show stage presentation.

Narrating things is Level-5's boss Akihiro Hino. For reference, the clip begins with an extended trailer; after a short exchange between the three panellists, the direct-feed gameplay kicks in around 3:10. And just goes on and on and gloriously on.


    It's causing me pain to not be playing this game right now!

    I'm not the type that gets drawn easily to Japanese RPG, but knowing studio ghibli and hisaishi are involved I just can't pass this up

    silly silly sil wattssss!

    Best looking game my arse.

      Your arse isn't even close to good Ghibli ftw!

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