Gamestop To Start Selling Apple Hardware, New And Used Alike?

According to 9 to 5 Mac's sources, games retailer GameStop will start selling Apple's iOS devices — iPod touch, iPhone and iPad — at their stores. (We reported a similar rumour before.) Even more interesting? They'll be taking the hardware in for store credit. []


    Might be worth rejigging article to mention the Gamestop owned Australian EB Games has been doing this for some time... almost as if it was a test market before going wide release in the US...

      They have? I hadn't noticed. I am surprised by this as they don't sell any of the games, it is all digital delivery. Isn't that their argument against selling consoles that primarily use digital delivery methods?

        Yeah, but they look to sell games on the device when you buy it, as well as selling the itunes cards. So, you buy the way to buy the games, I guess?

        Confuses me too.

        They have been for a while, although for some reason most EB games store have a single poster about A4 size behind the counter to advertise it.

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