I Can See Myself Playing Ridge Racer On The PS Vita

I Can See Myself Playing Ridge Racer On The PS Vita

Back in December 2004, I bought two things. One was a PSP. The other was Ridge Racer.

Ridge Racer was a PSP launch title, and I played the crap out of that game. I haven’t played a Ridge Racer before or since as much. As time passed, my interested in Ridge Racer waned, and I found myself picking up the game less and less.

So when I started the brief Ridge Racer for the PS Vita at the Tokyo Game Show, I told the Namco Bandai guy at the Sony Vita kiosk that I hadn’t played Ridge Racer for years.

Funny thing, the whole thing came flooding back. Ridge Racer for the PS Vita is, well, Ridge Racer. In the very short time I spent with the game, I didn’t get any surprises. Sure, it looks great, but that’s expected, thanks to the portable’s horsepower and OLED screen. Well, there was one surprise.

The surprise was just how good the thumbstick was for driving and drifting. It’s miles better than the PSP controls. Even if you don’t like Ridge Racer, the nitro, and the made-up cars, the game did get me excited for the car game possibilities on the Vita.


  • Ridge Racer is Ridge Racer. Ridge Racer PSP is Ridge Racer 7 is Ridge Racer 3D is 90’s arcade Ridge Racer. The first one you play is always great, the rest are just repeats. The graphics don’t even matter.

    • Ah no. Ridge Racer 7 had vehicle modification and a ton of new music and tracks. That is why it is the most recommended and highly rated. The newest one added 3D. The only one which I think are real repeats with NOTHING new is Ridge Racer 2 PSP which was basically a rehash/ re-release because the first did so well. Ridge Racer, Revolution, Type 4, 5, 6, 7, 3DS All added a ton of new things. DS and 64 were just releases for Nintendo systems, so not considered rehashes.

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