First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

When the PS Vita goes on sale Dec. 17 in Japan, it will cost ¥25,000. With the weak dollar, that's US$326. So it's best to go by the portable's American pricing: $US250. With that in mind, how much are Vita games going to cost?

According to Famitsu, Uncharted: Golden Abyss costs ¥5,980 for the cartridge version and ¥4,900 for the download version.

That's $US78 and $US63 respectively with the exchange rate. It's safe—although unconfirmed—to assume that the cartridge version will retail for $US59, while the download version will cost $US49.

Ridge Racer on the PS Vita, however, has a lower price point. It costs ¥3,980 for the cartridge version; the download version is only a hair cheaper at ¥3,580. Those prices come in at $US52 and $US47 with the weak dollar. Once again, imagine that they will be priced at $US39 and $US35 for the U.S.

Though, Namco is offering Ridge Racer for a lower price for a limited time. Between Dec. 17 and Mar. 31, the download version of Ridge Racer is ¥2,980. With the exchange rate, that's actually $US39, but in Japanese money, it's roughly the equivalent of $US29.

PS Vita版『アンチャーテッド -地図なき冒険の始まり-』の価格が決定! [ファミ通]


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    So Im guessing 79 australian then :\

      Great minds think alike haha

    inb4 Australian pricing whinge, judging from the fact that we already pay around AU$100 for games that are US$59 i wouldn't expect it to change a great deal

      Too slow. Lol.

      We only have ourselves to blame. They realized we'll buy games for $100, so why reduce the price?

      If only unified boycotts were easier...


        problem solved, unless you're without a debit card.

          there are other reliable -- and usually cheaper -- alternatives to ozgameshop. i sometimes suspect that ozgameshop may have some kinda payola deal going with kotaku.

            No deals between ozgameshop and kotaku. There's nothing wrong with people talking about a genuinely good business.

          They take PayPal too..

            I know, but I only saud debit card because your paypal account gets funded from somewhere.

    Pricing will be the same as PSP for retail games, hopefully downloads will also be a little cheaper here.

    These days it's pretty simple to import so I don't really get why people still pay a premium for the obviously superior Aus release (that's why we pay extra, right? 'cause they're better?). I mean, sure, waiting for it to come from the UK (Ozgameshop yo) can be annoying but you'll be saving hundreds a year (if you buy heaps of games anyway).

    That's not to say I always do that though. Sometimes I succumb to the siren song hard enough to rock up to a JB HiFi or something but that's only on rare occasions.

    Still, nice to know the Vita games aren't going to be super expensive either way.

      It costs money to flip the pixels around so that they are compatible with our TV's and consoles.

    why do websites keep converting YEN to USD then assuming they will price it for the exact conversion price...thats not how sh*t works k?

    I think we all need to applaud Sony and the publishers on board for making the digital versions cheaper. This is the future I've been waiting for.

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