This Is How Little King's Story Looks On The PS Vita

We've seen a few of the games that will be coming to the PS Vita, namely PlayStation exclusives like Uncharted and Ridge Racer -- now the formerly Wii-exclusive Little King's Story is being made for this powerful new handheld.

One of the most charming games of 2009 is getting a PS Vita sequel and, going from this Japanese trailer, it seems to have retained all its charm and gained some crispness in its graphics.

The sequel will play in a similar way to the Wii original, with the player controlling the king's army in a Pikmin-like fashion. The original main character and heroine, King Corobo and Princess Apricot, will also be making a return. However, there will be a new story, a slightly more realistic style (realistic by cartoon standards, perhaps) and the game will incorporate the Vita's touch controls.



    The graphics are actually looking quite good, Uncharted looks like it'll play exactly like Uncharted 2 on the console, so that's fantastic!

    Wondering; is there any news on an Uncharted 3 street break?

    Ugh. The new style is awful. AND WHY IS THE WORLD FULL OF GLARE?

    I should really get back to LKS and finish it.

      Why do you even post ?

    Graphics look awesome. I am excited.

      The glare is because it is a trailer and of course the new style is awful, let me guess it is because it isn't on a Nintendo system. Fools, the game on Wii has a lot of aliasing and rough edges while everything is smoother on Vita, more capable system and all. The style is the same just 1 looks a lot more smoother than the other hence the resentment and hate. I loved this game on Wii and it looked beautiful, it looks even more beautiful with smoother edges and im guessing the OLED screen will make it even more beautiful.

        Looks like your aim's a little off :P

        The glare is not because it is a trailer, all the footage of gameplay has been like that. Blooming your eyeballs off. Aliasing and such, don't care about. I play on a CRT so it all looks the same to me. The style is NOT the same as the first one, it's now a more generic anime style for the characters. And then the aforementioned bloom over everything.


          Whats this i see here on the Wii game?

          A freaking bloom effect on the Wii game, what you managed to show me with both screenshots is that the PS Vita game has a lot more detailed characters with more polygons and anti-aliasing to get rid of jagged edges.

          Here's actual gameplay footage of the Vita game.

          Some glare coming from light hitting the glass screen but a freaking awesome looking game. Get your head outa your ass man.

          Heres some anime art styles

          Even if the game was in anime art style, it still would be beautiful, someone's just looking for reasons to bitch about a game on a system because of some fanboy mentality. Grow the F up man.

          Almost looks like PS3's Ni No Kuni art style which is absolutely breath taking FYI

      Sry bout the first comment, was meant for the Taco dude. I clicked on the wrong reply button, heres actual gameplay vid

    This game looks fantastic. I can't wait to get a chance to play it!

      Here gameplay vid

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