I'm Impressed By How Much This Tabletop Game Looks Like Video Game War

I haven't played a tabletop game since my near-obsession with Warhammer back in my college days.

But this weekend I decided to take the plunge again, this time with my 10-year-old son. We settled on World War II-era Flames of War.

While doing some research on the game I came across quite a few images from battles that looked an awful lot like screenshots from some of the video games I like to play. Here are a few of my favourites.


    No way, where's the teamkilling asshat who accidentally threw the grenade wrong?

    (totally not me, honest... well usually not me)

    Games been around for ages and is actually similiar in some respets to Warhammer.

    Sadly a few years ago I couldn't get opponents in my area and had to let my German Infantry go. :( Well still got Combat Mission to satisfy the historical wargaming addiction.

    WH40K FTW. Trouble with wargames based too closely on the real world is that it's harder to handwave the scale and scope of the battle. In the world of 40K, invented weapons can have invented reasons for not being effective past a certain range; invented creatures can have invented methods of stealth; invented aliens can have completely fantastical weapons (with associated gameplay effects).

    Still, tabletop strategy games are awesome fun.

    I heard it actually had a better ruleset than Warhammer (not difficult) but unfortunately as it's not set in spaaaaaace I'll be unlikely to play it.

    LOL. Everytime there is an article about a WW2 or modern day FPS or other kind of game, all the sci-fi nerds crawl out of the woodwork and moan about how they aren't playing it because it isn't set in space.

      How nice, now we got a classified class as an sci-fi nerds, back in my day, all of us grouped into one class, "nerds"

      Wonder what the pokemon nerds have to say about this

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