A Tabletop Version Of SimCity Is Only A 3D Printer Away

Skimbal, a man who knows his way around a 3D printer (ie a box of magic), has been designing templates letting anyone with access to such sorcery print out tiny replicas of the buildings from SimCity 2000.

Which means, yes, you can print off actual SimCity...cities. The templates were built in Google Sketch-Up, and while there aren't enough to do a whole city (yet!), there's enough variety in blocks and civic buildings to get a nice little diorama going.

Also, the fact it's a work in progress and that it's so easy to do gives me hope that in a few months somebody will come up with some rules and let us play an actual tabletop version of SimCity.

And who's going to stop them? It's not like EA bothers releasing new SimCity games any more (HINT HINT EA).

Sim City 2000 Tabletop Play Set [Thingiverse, via Super Punch]


    theres two new boardgames, if you like a simcity like fix.

    search for, Urban Sprawl or Sunrise City

    Oh wow if only we could "print" objects from other games, like CoDMW3.

    .... oh wait, that would be just penises.

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