SimCity Artist Now Making Sweet Cities: Skylines Buildings

SimCity Artist Now Making Sweet Cities: Skylines Buildings

Bryan Shannon used to be part of Maxis, where he worked as an artist helping make buildings for the last SimCity. Now, in his spare time, he’s crafting stuff for the game that followed in SimCity’s wake.

One of the best things about Cities: Skylines, as I mentioned in my review, is the way that modding isn’t just encouraged, it’s baked right into the game’s main menu, so people can add new buildings to the game with the click of a button. These buildings don’t just look different, either; users can also modify their effects.

The first building he’s completed is this replacement coal plant, which not only looks more like a coal plant than the game’s weirdly sci-fi default design, but works more like one too (it generates more power than the default, though at the expense of more noise and pollution).

Here’s why this plant (and the way mods are already being designed in general) is so cool: Shannon’s description says “Overall, this coal power plant is a deviation from the original style. This asset introduces a nice dirty brown brick in to the game’s overall neutral palette.” Skylines looks great for the most part, but the city does indeed have a very neutral colour palette; mods like this will really help certain buildings stand out.

The second custom building he’s added also adds some colour and personality to the game: it’s a burger joint, complete with a backlot.

You can add Shannon’s buildings to your own game here, while you can see more of his 3D art in general (including his work on SimCity) here.


  • EA to ignore all of this, release Simtown to be followed by the hit sequels Simvillage and finally Simhamlet

    • SimHamlet?

      To DLC, or not to DLC: that is the question:
      Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
      The slings and arrows of outrageous forums,
      Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
      And by opposing end them?

      • Alas, poor Maxis! I knew him, Horatio, a developer of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his SCURK a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those splines that I have reticulated I know not how oft. —Where be your bases now? Your arcologies? Your PORNTIPSGUZZARDO? Your flashes of disaster that were wont to set the table on a roar?

    • SimTown 2, I’d hope, given the first one was released 20 years ago. Of course, such a sequel only needs updated graphics and to include microtransactions for companies like EA to think it good enough for us.

  • Ok, I think Down-N-Out Burger is the straw that will break this particular camel’s back and make me buy the game. That’s just too awesome looking to pass up.

  • To be honest, I’m surprised EA didn’t make him sign a clause forbidding him from creating content for any other developer, even for free.

  • DIRK,
    To be honest, I’m surprised EA didn’t make him sign a clause forbidding him from creating content for any other developer, even for free.

    they cant as they can only stop him from making content for the failed SimCity game , if they wanted to restrict his personel activities this amounts to the breaking of all or most of partly democratic countries laws, EA are about one thing money fro no input and ignore customers, they cannot under any law in any country including north korea and Russia stop him working on any project they do not own , Dirk your interpretation of democratic laws is abysmal , you have no idea of the what democracy means please stay in Russia and keep sucking your mafia, drug lord Vladimir putins , civilian killing cock

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