Is This A Collector's Edition Worthy Of A Space Marine?

Large and bulky like the mutated heroes of the game itself, the Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine collector's edition could easily take down your average Ork. Let's take a peek inside.

I blanked on the price during the recording of the video, which is just as well, as I never would have guessed this was a $US99.99 collector's edition ($US79.99 on PC). It's nice to look at and smells wonderful, but I'm not convinced it's $US100 worth of wonderful.

What do you think?


    Your review stinks of 40kNewbie and Heresy, Fahey.

    "Adeptus Astartes" - Space Marine 101, Faux-Latin for "Adepts of the Stars". "Ad-ept-oos, Ass-tar-tees"

    Secondly, it's not a Goblin, it's a Gretchin. A stunted sub-species of Ork.

    /Nerd Rant.

      You forgot the squig... not dog. SQUIG!

        I did consider flagging that, until I realised that anyone who is reduced to a dribbling "Bla Bla Bla" upon seeing the word "Astartes" is probably beyond help where 40k is concerned.

          I'd also argue Space Marines aren't 'mutated', but surgically and genetically enhanced individuals through a controlled process.

      Good to know that an editor's disinterested, casual unboxing of a franchise he knows nothing about is enough to incite your little sperglord meltdown.

      All because he identified a little green thing in a game as a 'goblin' and flubbed a word.

        maybe they should have found someone to do it who could give two shits about the subject matter?

        then again kotaku does seem perpetually disinterested in gaming beyond mining it for mario references they can use for hipster nerd cred.

    I was looking at this, but then figured I'd pick it up when it goes down in price....because it will go down in price ;)

    Probably the most poorly filmed unboxing i have ever had the displeasure of watching.

      Ya pro tip: keep the camera perpendicular to what you are filming. The angle shot was making me tilt my head...

        Or even just get a tripod so it doesn't look like a sequel to Cloverfield. This unboxing would actually be better than a sequel to Cloverfield.

    I refuse to watch this, i still want to be a virgin when i get my own collectors edition tomorrow :)

    lol worst video ever!

    Oh look, déjà vu!

    No miniatures? what a rip

    The collectors edition is kind of stupid, it doesn't even come with any preorder-only DLC like if you buy the regular version from gamestop etc...

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