Microsoft Bans Users For Stealing Xbox Live Content

Last month, Microsoft very quietly swept a broom through the Xbox Live userbase, finding — and banning — a number of Xbox 360 owners for "illegitimately [accessing]Xbox LIVE Marketplace downloadable content".

As the company "will not divulge additional information regarding individual suspensions for these offenses", it's unclear what brought on the crackdown, or how the culprits were able to access content "illegitimately".

What I find interesting is that Microsoft claims, in banning these users, to have "clear evidence" that each person affected was violating the console's terms of service. But if the company "will not divulge additional information" on the cases, then how do we know they do? Sure, 99 per cent of users are probably guilty, but what if 1 per cent of them aren't?

Suspended for Marketplace Theft? [Xbox, via Eurogamer]


    If you are a user of XBL, and are affected by the ban hammer (unjustly), then you can actually file an objection on the XB Forums. If MS actually has evidence, then they will tell you directly on the open forum what you had actually done. It's actually rather amusing to find people get smashed my MS.

    Honstly, why does MS need to tell eveyone what each individual user did anyway? Their banhammer service (Vulcan) is an incredible piece of software, and their enforcment teams that they have on the service 24/7 are pretty accurate. Remember the last time people went to the defence of that young kid who was banned and the media went to the defence of the kid, only to find out that he HAD infact broken the terms of use?
    I think the media needs to take a bit of a step back when they find out that MS are swinging the hammer. You generally find that they are right, and if they arn't, they are generally good enough to admit it openly and compinsate the person's involved.

      Yeah, no. I got banned twice for the same thing. (a joke) First time ok i understand there is nothing you can do people take it seriously etc. Second time for the exact same thing i took it to the ACCC who contacted microsoft who basically told us both to f**k off, in fact we both got taunted in emails as if to say what the hell are you gunna do about it. So please dont spread this garbage, i'm not saying all of microsoft is bad i'm just saying that they aren't gracious enough to admit fault or help you out. Lots of people have had legitimate problems with them and they dont care. There is nothing general about their approach to business which this article correctly points out, they swing and dont care who is caught in the crossfire.

        So ahhhh.... why did you not learn after the first time you got banned for the 'exact same thing'?

        No wonder they didn't respond.


          Since you cant read i'll explain it a little further, it had since been changed from the original article but since their had been x amount of complaints about the original article i got banned again. So further down the line i got punished again for the exact same thing(same period of time. Does that help? If you help out like you say you do, you might be familiar with this problem. Silly goose.

            There's no need to be condescending. To clarify, you're saying you did one thing wrong and got suspended twice for it due to user complaints? That would be strange as complaints are not automated, they're reviewed by an actual human member of their service team. If you've done nothing wrong then no matter how many complaints get filed against you, you won't be punished. Could you elaborate as to what you think you were banned for?

    You should see the xbox live forums, there are many users crying foul about the recent wave of console bans. All of them swear that they've done nothing wrong and are model citizens; spending their free time rescuing kittens from burning buildings, resolving third world debt, that kind of thing.

    The problem is that...well...they're xbox live users. I'd trust them about as far as I can throw the moon. Judging from the general level of spelling and grammar, most of those banned are kids and teenagers. They may just be too young to realise that using things like point generators and other marketplace exploits are serious breaches of the TOS.

    Or they're just lying, that's equally possible.

      99% of the time... they're lying. I spend a heap of time on their forums (I help out with the online chat support) and the amount of time i've come across people blatantly lying is just unbeleivable. Which sucks, as I go out of my way to help, only to find that they've been lying to my all along!

    Love this site, always great for a laugh. Just some responses from the support staff to some insanely stupid queries regarding bans

    Hmmm I have heard some people have purchased cheap Microsoft points over the last few months.
    You pay via paypal and you recieve a gamertag and password and then you simply buy whatever you like.

    I knew this was too good to be true, remember they have a history of every purchase and account.

    If it is too good to be true it probably is.

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